‘Tis The Season: Apple Style

As a follow-up to the lovely, ‘Tis The Season: Pumpkin Style, I present a similar fall obsession: apples! Apples of all sorts are in season right now, therefore it’s definitely appropriate to buy obscene amounts of apples and store them for winter like an old-fashioned hunter-gatherer. Do a little research (or walk to the store) and see which apples are not just in season, but local in your area. I have my favorites like anyone else, but there are probably a lot of varieties I haven’t even tasted yet because they grow in a different region! Maybe one year I’ll do a traveling apple tasting tour (that actually sounds like a lot of fun).

Where I live, the queen of all apples is honeycrisp. Not only are they sweet….like honey….but boy are they crisp. AND despite its name, they are thankfully vegan. Not to mention they’re enormous.

Seriously, they’re like apple monsters.

Like honeycrisp, I prefer sweeter varieties like fuji, cripps pink, cameo and gala. If you like the really sour taste, granny smith apples have you covered, or if you prefer darker flavors, try red delicious! While you’re at it, try them all. The best thing about buying seasonably is that everything is more fresh, more natural, and so much cheaper! Any other time of the year, apples are going to be shipped from a place they are in season and they could be loaded up with gross chemicals and crap so that they appear fresh. Not the best, also they’re more expensive. No thanks.

But what are going to do with so many apples? Find a ton of different ways to eat them of course! My favorite way is to just dig in, two or three at a time, or maybe sliced up and dipped in peanut butter. You could put them on a stick and lather them in caramel, or keep it traditional a make a nice apple pie! Or, if you’re more creative and less lazy, you could make these peanut butter and apple pancakes that look to die for, or these apple spice muffins. You could bake something new every single day using apples. If that’s not the dream, I don’t know what is.

Apples are fruit and are of course, very good for you. They are loaded with antioxidants to fight diseases and fiber to help you stay fuller, longer. They help lower cholesterol and therefore giving you a happy, healthy heart. How sweet of them! No wonder that old adage says an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Especially if you pelt apples at your doctor.

There are few things stopping you from going and hoarding crates of apples at your local grocery store or raiding an apple orchard and I say by all means, go for it. If we’re looking at this from an economic standpoint, now is the time to buy buy buy. I had a friend in San Francisco who DIDN’T like apples (I know right?) but I’m going to assume she’s never tried a honeycrisp before. Seriously, go try one. Or four. And then share with others! Apples for everyone!


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